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Tongariro Rhapsody, 1989

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Is this the real life?

Is this just T.N.P.?

Caught in a downpour.

No escape from reality.

Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see,

I'm just a tramper, I need some sympathy.

Because I've just begun...T.N.P.

Anyway the wind blows doesn't really matter to me, southerly.

Stefan, just killed a 'possum.

Put some 4x2 against its head, skinned it too, now it's dead.

Stefan, dessert had just begun,

But now I've gone and thrown it all away.


I see a little silhouette of a hut.

It's got a stove, got a fire, will you do the Fandango.

Stefan and white spirits, very very frightening me!

Peter, Stacey, Stefan, Ian, Mike Magnificoo-o.

But tea's just a Mac cheese and nobody loves me

Tea's just a Mac cheese from a poor recipe,

Spare them their lives from this monstrosity.


- Mike Dennis


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