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Gear Hire

How to borrow gear


Gear can be borrowed for use on AUTC trips (ie trips advertised via the mailing list/website) at no charge. Gear can only be borrowed by AUTC members, for trips with non-members, the club member is responsible for returning the equipment.

  • Gear collection and return takes place by arrangement on Monday evenings, 8:30pm onwards. Contact Gear Officer ( to enquire about availability, and for further details or questions. It is best to request gear at least one week in advance of collection.

  • Non-club trips and non-members may hire gear for a fee which will be worked out on a case-by-case basis.

  • Bookings are taken on a first in first served basis, but with club members having first priority – we reserve the right to give gear booked by non-members to members with at least a weeks notice.

  • A return date will be arranged at the time of hire, and failure to meet this may result in further charges and/or removal of hire privileges.

  • A deposit/bond will be taken to encourage prompt return of gear.

Contact our Gear Officer ( to arrange gear hire with the following details:

  1. Start/Finish dates of trip

  2. What kind of trip is it? (alpine/bush/camping)

  3. Tents: how many people?

  4. Cookers: (gas/white fuel)

  5. Is this a club trip (ie will it be advertised on the mailing list to other members, club trips do get priority)

Basically the more details you provide, the more the club can help.

Gear we have available for hire

  • Sleeping bags

  • Boots

  • Packs

  • Tents (both tramping and car camping types, 2-4 person available.)

  • Emergency Shelters (fit 8+ people)

  • Cookers (gas canister and white fuel types)

  • Pots/Billys (up to 6L)

  • Topographical maps of nearly all the wilderness areas in both the North and South Islands

  • Compasses (Silva type)

  • Emergency Locator Beacons (EPIRBS)

  • Tramping Flies (basic lightweight shelter for bivvying and emergency)

Alpine Gear

There is also a range of alpine gear available, this can be hired out by contacting our Alpine Officer ( well in advance by email. 

  • Pickup is on the Thursday evening before your trip after 8pm. 

  • A deposit may be required (especially for longer trips, and those requiring technical gear).  As the primary hirer you are responsible for all loss or damage to the equipment. Equipment lost, stolen or damaged will be charged for at replacement cost at the Alpine Officers discretion. 

  • You will also need to have completed the appropriate level of snowcraft training (such as one of our snowschools) before hiring out alpine gear.

More details are available on the AURAC Alpine Gear Page.

Alternative Gear Hire

If our gear is not available or suitable and can’t find anyone to borrow off, try Living Simply (Newmarket) for good quality gear hire.

Damaged or Lost Gear

This is assessed on a case by case basis. If the gear is lost or damaged due to negligence/poor treatment then you may be expected to cover some of the cost of replacement. However, we do understand that you are taking gear into often harsh environments and accidents or damage can and does happen. As a general rule, if you are using it appropriately and it gets lost/damaged, you won't be expected to contribute.

Where To Buy Gear

See discounts for AUTC members. You can use your club card or an email from the club mailing list as evidence of membership.

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