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Step 1

Develop A Plan

Step 3


Step 2

Let People Know

Step 4

Final Preparations

Step 5


Step 1: Develop A Plan

Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? What kind of adventure takes your fancy?


Decide what area of NZ you are keen to explore and pick out a track (or maybe plan out a route off track if you are so inspired...)

Check out the resources below for some trip ideas if you're looking for inspiration!


If you’re new to trip running anywhere between 10-20km in a day (terrain dependant) is a good amount to cover in one day. The DOC website is always a good place to start when looking for track time estimates.



Example Trip Plans


Take a look through our extensive collection of trip reports (here). Be inspire!

Stories from previous trips


Want to talk to someone? Ask questions? Reach out to our Trips Officer at

Want to talk to someone?


Extra websites/resources

Develop A Plan

Email format:

Subject line of the email:

Trip name/location AND date

Body of the email:

A description of the trip, including:

  • Where the trip is going

  • When the trip starts and finishes

  • What sort of trip is it (e.g. Day walk in the bush, alpine trip)

  • An outline of the trip plan

  • What is expected of participants (i.e. fitness level, experience, specific skills)

  • An estimate of the cost

  • A map from NZ Topo to show the route

  • What gear to bring. You may want to add a link to the appropriate AUTC gear list

  • A sign up form

Sign up form:
You can either ask interested club members to reply to your email or create a google form.

You will want the following information:

  1. Name

  2. Phone number

  3. Email

  4. Emergency contact name AND phone number

  5. Any medical conditions?

  6. Any dietary requirements?

  7. Do you have a car? If yes, how many people including yourself can you take?

Here’s an example of how to lay out the google form.

Get Creative!

2. Let People Know

So you've decided on where you want to go, what you want to do and when.

Now its time to send an email to the club email list!


Have a read through of the instructions below to find out how.

Once you have your email ready, to advertise your trip to other club, send it through to the club mailing list: (where XXXX is the year, e.g.

Emma trip report 1.jpg
Emma trip report 2.PNG
Let People Know

3. Safety


Fill out the intentions form before you leave and email it to the safety officer at


More info on intentions forms can be found here


Check before you go

(Weather Resources)

Final Preparations

4. Final Preparations

Last minute group details


You've got your tramping companions all together, here's some topics you may want to coordinate with the group

Group meals

How to communicate (messenger chat, etc)


Mascots ;P

Keeping receipts ($80 returned via leadership fund below)

Caring for New Zealand 

* Tramping Biosecurity *

Heading into the Wilderness?

Remember to follow leave no trace principles

Check for Kauri dieback track closures and always clean your shoes and gear

5. Afterwards

You've completed your adventure, so what's next?

For a start you can claim back up $80 of your expenses through the trip leadership fund.

To do so submit a trip report through this form here.

Any other additional trip reports, photos, new recipes, funny happenings, etc, please send through to to

And finally, go on more trips!

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