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The AUTC club hut, named Ōngāruanuku (or O'nuku for short), was originally a derelict timber camp cookhouse located in the Waitakere Ranges known as ‘Simla hut’.

In 1944 AUTC struck a deal to obtain ownership of the hut from Auckland City Council and the AUTC hut was opened on the 27th of August 1944 after an extended period of wrecking, building, decorating and glazing. 

It is still maintained by enthusiastic club members in their spare time and many many weekends have been spent working on it.


Since 1944 the hut has traditionally been used as a meeting place, the origin of many legends, and the location of club events like O-Camp, May Camp and the Hut party.

О̄ngāruanuku translates most appropriately to ‘Meeting Place of the Wizards’!


Unfortunately due to Kauri dieback and much of the Waitakere Ranges being closed (you can find out more here) we cannot access our beloved Ōngāruanuku except on baiting trips and when carrying out hut maintenance.

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