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Crosbie Capers

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Location: Coromandel Forest Park

Date: 3-4.9.19

Participants: Alisha Haydon, Cerys Lewis-Ayling, Sena Ogawa-Bracey, Hawabibi Delair, Paulina van der Doe, Quentin Mas, Jack Gibbons, Christiaan Swanepoel, Alex Monk, Tom Latham, Maddy Ball, Srinivas, Sean Thomson (leader)

8 Slices of Cheese we ate in the bush.

The first slice of brie I ate noon

“Gosh we must be at the top soon”

The rain was falling when I ate the second

Halfway to the hut- we reckoned

The third and fourth we shared over wine

While the storms set in a second time

In the morning I had the fifth as well

“It’s still raining- bloody hell!”

“Keep your trail mix, soft cheese is better”

Beneath our feet the ground got wetter

“This cheese makes me a classy guy”

I fell through mud up to my thigh

The slice of the cheese I hid,

As down the slimy slopes we slid

When I finished the cheese around midday

The cars seemed not so far away

But a river flowed fast causing deep unease

We couldn’t cross it to get more cheese

But bravely Sean knew what to do

Two hours of bush he lead us through

And we escaped back to the cars

… where I stopped trying to be a poet and decided to eat some fruit before I gave myself scurvy

*not mentioned: carnivorous plants, falcon nests and the potted coriander that came along...


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